Shinn applying as a GM

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Shinn applying as a GM

Post  Kiaku on Mon Oct 06, 2008 2:53 pm

Apply for : GM

Account: Game account: kiaku95
In-game name character: Shinn
Forum name: Kiaku

Why you Should make me a GM:
First of all I would like to self introduce myself, I'm Kiaku brother of Riaku. We both lived together and we're Malaysians. Now, Why should you make me a GM? I know mostly all GM commands in the game and when need not to use them. When there's a problem or a help in need, I'll do my very best to solve it. I know English Chinese and Malay. Based on my experience of a player in Pirate King Online for 2 years, I have many fun and exciting ideas for the event, and therefore I believe I can me a good helper of becoming a GM.

Login times:
I will be free after 17.00 GMT+ 8 During at that hour, I'm mostly free and will be able to monitor the server if possible that is. I'm 100% free on weekends and will have full time helping the GM's in the game which same goes for everyday as well.

Any exp you got of a GM:
I have many experience in the original server and I sincerely believed I can make a fun and many exciting events for the players in the game. I always observed the server, and I know what will be a nice event for the players, I've been in PKO 2 years already, I know the market prices I basically know many knowledge in the game.

I hope my application of being a GM will be succeeded.


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Re: Shinn applying as a GM

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 06, 2008 2:57 pm

best apply yet

Accpeted in the next vote


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