How to Aplly(read before posting)

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How to Aplly(read before posting)

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 03, 2008 12:50 am

this how u should post new topic

Topic name:(acc) apply for (Gm or modetar)

Apply for (GM or modetar)
Account:(Game accoutt or fourms account)
Why you Should make me a (GM or modetar):(right anything that u think will make us apply u)
Login times:(ex.:6h every day)
Any exp u got in (GM or modetar) (yes and tell us) (no)

Topicname:Badeed apply for GM

Apply for GM
Why should u make me a GM:i have ben playing PKO for 2 years
Login time :20h but always afk i come back for 30-1h and leave
I got Exp in Game GM i know all the items prices and have some ideas Event

Hope u add me to your GM team i will make a Big change

EX. ends

and wait till and Admins replay to you

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