Descriptions of rebirth

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Descriptions of rebirth

Post  DizzeSANDO on Fri Oct 17, 2008 7:02 pm

* Your reputation stays
* Your Mentor / Disciple list stays
* Your friend list stays
* Your Life skill stays / Your unused life skill point stays
* Fairy skill stays
* Quest log does not get reset
* Your Level does not get reset to 1. It says at X Level.
* Your rebirth level is stored 'elsewhere' on the status screen
* Your rebirth 'EXP' and original 'EXP' is separated
* Your stat points will be all back to 5
* All stat points will be returned to you INCLUDING the ones from bonus (EX: Lots)
* Your skills will get wiped. All skill points will be returned to you
* You're allowed to pick your class again. YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR RACE! (EX: Lance -> Ami) Restriction still applies.
* You can still wear any gear as long as your 'ORIGINAL' Level requirement is met.


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